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Welcome To Professional Portfolio Photography !

We specialise in creating awesome indoor & outdoor portfolio and portraits for aspiring models and actors.

Portrait photography is also known as photographic portraiture is aimed at capturing the basic features of person along with moods, expressions and personality.

Our candidates are rewarded not just with jaw-dropping portraits but also receive:

  • high resolutiom images on DVD / pen-drive
  • Beautiful well-designed album on archival paper
  • Glamour portraits photographs
  • Fashion portraits photographs.
  • Posing tips.
  • Online Marketing tips.

Portfolio Shoot - Behind The Scenes »

The art of portrait photography for models is further classified into: Glamour photography & Fashion photography.

A good all-round portfolio of a model should have a healthy mix of glamour and fashion shoot styles of photographs.

Although, the difference between glamour and fashion photography is subtle; from an advertising agency / casting director point of view they would like to view both.

Also, having glamour and fashion photographs in a portfolio; adds to the value and variety of model’s portfolio.

In addition, to the traditional photographs, we offer professional video portfoils for models interested in exploring the next generation online / offline marketing.

While glamour photography focusses on the model’s persona the fashion genre highlights the attire, makeup, hair styling etc.

There are various techniques involved in the art of taking photographs that ‘speak’.

Our photography is done at a professional studio; where there is ample space for the shoot to take place as well as a sperate green room for makeup and change overs with complete privacy.

As a mandatory rule; we require all our models to sign the model release form. Without the written express permission; the shoot is not commenced.

Portrait Photographs »

model with gorgeous look
Savvy looking model in portfolio
Smart looking model's portfolio
Model with sporty look portfolio
Model with sari for portfolio
Western look model with a wine glass

Shoot Details »

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Model: Tia Joshi

Hair & Makeup: Anu Jaiswal

Image Editor: Nitin Chaurasia

Studio: Camzia; Ghatkopar - Mumbai

We undertake Portrait photographs in a very systematic manner; that comprises of the following poses:

  • Head & Shoulder
  • Waist-up
  • Three Quarter Length (reclining, standing and seated)
  • Full length (reclining, standing and seated)

With such a vast and varied poses; our models are more than happy to pose with our team and create an awesome set of photographs from a typical 6-8 hours session.

Over the past several months and years; we have photographed many models and created alluring portfolios for them.

In addition, to indoor shoots we are well versed to shoots at outdoor locations like beaches, hill stations and open spaces.

Our team comprises of:

  • Professional & experienced photographer/s.
  • Makeup artist
  • Hair stylist
  • Dress designer
  • Images re-touching expert

Video Shoot & Photography »

Outdoors Portfolio »

Waist length model photograph
Head - Shoulder portrait photograph
Head Shoulder portfolio shot
Face shoulder photograph
Side profile of a model
Standing pose photoof model

Shoot Details »

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Model: Bhawna Mehta

Hair & Makeup: Neeta Desai

Image Editor: Nitin Chaurasia

Location: Andheri - Mumbai

In-Studio Portfolio »

Glamour style photograph
Head - Shoulder portrait photograph
Smiling Head Shoulder portfolio shot
Face shoulder photograph
Side profile of a model
Angular photograph of the model

Shoot Details »

Photographer: Pashminu Mansukhani

Model: Ishita Khurana

Makeup: Manoj Shette

Hair Stylist: Jyoti Patil

Image Editor: Nitin Chaurasia

Location: Ghatkopar - Mumbai