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The underlining concept of the entire shoot was to capture the beauty, elegance and unique designs elaborated by the hand-made carpets.

Each and every photograph was shot in a unique style/manner with a variety of props and angles.

We deployed full frame professional camera: Canon 6D mounted with Canon 24-105 f/4 lens and pair of Elinchrom Lights.

We aimed to capture images that had at least 70% of the photographs occupied by the main product: carpet.

Most of the photographs were taken with the studio lights; while a few were shot in natural light conditions.

Total of one dozen carpets was photographed during the shooting schedule of 8 hours; including the lunch break of 45 minutes.

The idea was to capture photographs that can be used for the website as well as for the social media marketing and other collateral digital marketing platforms.

All the carpets/rugs photographed were 100% hand-made and either floral or geometric design; made in 100% pure silk or Merino wool.

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Client: Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises
Location: Mumbai; Maharashtra