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Before any carpets photography assignment begins, complete discussion of the photoshoot is done, so as to leave no room for any ambiguity and the end result of the project. Once, the concept of the shoot has been decided, the time schedule and location is finalised along with the delivery schedule.

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Specialisation in high end carpet photography enables Digital Studio to give the very best quality at the most reasonable rates. The photographs are captured with professional equipment, leaving no room for compromise, to provide absolute colour accuracy, gradiation and contrast for printers giving our furniture photographs the highest possible quality at the time of capture.

We have also done carpets photographs in beautiful fully furnished residentail locations with models; check out some photographs here.

The photography of silk carpets / rugs / mats provide a challenging task of handling the sheen. All silk carpets have to sides: darker and ligher. Depending on the final effect required the photography is done. Crane equipement can be used for photography of very large carpets. The ideal location is outdoors to shoot wool and wool-silk carpets.

The photography of the carpets & mats involve special equipment to capture the top vertical angle and cause minimum distortion of the design. Each of the mats is generally photographed in vertical as well as perspective views.

Check out some creative oriental carpets photographs for Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises.

photograph of a mat
geometric design mat
mat photograph with floral design

Client: Sapana Polyweave Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Aurangabad
Total Products: 50+

oriental carpet design photograph
silk carpet from india
kashmir carpet from India

Client: Kashmir Oriental Carpet Enterprises
Location: Mumbai
Total Products: 500+