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Furniture photography requires proper lighting equipment to accomplish successfully. Digital Studio specializes in capturing the important details of your furniture. With a background in the furniture manufacturing industry, our furniture photographer understands your needs. We have the equipment and the expertise to photograph furniture on location in your manufacturing facility as well as in showroom settings.

As anyone who has ever tried to photograph stainless steel will tell you, it's difficult. A good stainless steel photographer has to use light sparingly. As you can imagine the reflections can be a nightmare. It has taken Digital Studio some time to get this technique perfected. Just cleaning the stainless can take some time. If you're in need of a quality stainless steel Photograph for your business or trade magazine give Digital Studio a call.

Red Executive chair with arms
Netted executive chair
Orange executive Chair
Black leather executive chair

Client: Eurotech Design Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Location: Navi Mumbai
Total Products: 50+

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Red Sofa
Off-white sofa
Sky Blue sofa
Purple sofa
Black reclining chairs
Dark brown sofa
White Reclining Sofa
Green sofa