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We have vast experience and expertise in providing turnkey services for a variety of videos.

With nearly a decade's works under our professional belt; we have travelled to various locations in India for shooting our projects.

Depending on the script and overall requirements of the video; most of the videos comprises of various elements/segments.

One of the unique video projects that we have done is for a pre-wedding bribal video and photography shoot for a hair stylist & make-up artist.

Pre-Production Phase

  • Planing shoot locations
  • Shortlist of people who will feature in the video/s
  • Script writing for people & voice over
  • Making logistics plans

Production Phase »

  • Full HD video shoot (1920 by 1080)
  • Professional lights
  • Multiple cameras (First camera: Canon and second: Nikon/Sony)
  • Stereo audio recording with boom mic
  • Accessories like tripods, sliders etc.

Post-Production Phase »

  • Video Editing on Final Cut Pro (FCP)
  • Audio synchronisation
  • Colour correction & grading
  • Transitions
  • Text suppers (lower thirds)
  • Visual Effects

Videos Genres »

  • Corporate
  • Product demonstration
  • Industrial
  • Promotional
  • Testimonials
  • Interviews
  • Real Estate
  • Launch Event
  • Documentaries
  • Short Films

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