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4K / Ultra HD Corporate Videos »

Looking to get World Class 4K business videos?

We are leading 4K corporate video makers in Mumbai with 100+ videos.

With 8+ years experience and expertise in corporate filmmaking ranging from interviews, testimonials to aerial video shoots, we offer now 4K video shooting services with state of art digital cameras like Black Magic, Canon 5D Mark IV and Panasonic GH5.

These cameras allow our cameramen to shoot in 4K (resolution: 3840 or 4096 by 2160) and our video editor loves to work on resolutions beyond the standard 1K (full HD resolution of 1920 by 1080).

The 4K is also called Ultra High Definition (UHD).

Check out the 4K Ultra HD interview that showcases the clarity and sharpness of these high quality videos.

4K Resolution vs 1080p

Here is a comparison between HD and 4K video resolutions.

4k vs hd

As it can be seen; from the above, the 4K video allows for much more mileage to the video editor to select the 'best area' for editing.

With much higher resolution; the obvious advantage is of having a better image quality from the viewer's point of view.

From post-production ie. editing perspective the video editor and operator have twice the flexibility to edit.

From a single scene, two full HD 1080p scenes can be grabbed and edited.

Both the scenes will be different and allow the director to create a more engaging storyline.

4K Youtube Videos »

With the proliferation of 4K videos; Youtube started supporting 2160p from late 2010 and now has millions of 4K videos uploaded every single day!

Here are the various resolution settings offered currently by the world's most popular video sharing platform: Youtube

Youtube video resolutions

With faster internet connections; people have started to enjoy higher resolutions on larger TVs as well as PC monitors.

Apple desktop iMac already offers 5K resolution; that displays razor-sharp images and videos.

Free 4K Video Sample »

We have created a free ultra HD 4K video for previewing.

This is a royalty-free video; that is used for viewing an aerial video shooting of a beach and coastline.

4K Ultra HD Corporate Interview »

Experience the 4K video on a full HD screen!

Advantages of 4k Corporate Videos »

There are a couple of practical usages of shooting corporate and business videos in 4k resolution:

The first one being the obvious advantage in video editing. Our video editor can select two full HD shots from a single 4k shot!

This is very practical in industrial video shoots and corporate interviews.

Let us dwell deeper.

Imagine, a panning shot on a manufacturing unit; when we shoot in 4K camera; during the editing platform; our video editor can 'crop' out two full HD video clips.

This is a better selection of the shots for the clients and we get more variety of footage.

During 4k video shoot of corporate interviews; shooting with a 4K camera allows our video editor to have two full HD shots from a single 4K shot.

One full HD shot selected in generally the mid-shot and the second one is the close-up.

4K videos when downsized to 1K (full HD) or 2K; increases the colour depth and the final sharpness of the video.

Although, most of the video consumption is on the Youtube and/or mobile platforms; we do not ignore the projection of corporate videos on large screens; especially during corporate meetings and trade shows.

When projection on large is done; 4K videos always win hands down over the full HD video; over the quality of sharpness and high details.

Combined with the stereo audio recording with a professional boom mike and editing on Final Cut Pro; the resulting 4K videos are stunning on 4K TV screens and 5K Mac systems.

With one camera; we get twice the footage and more variety of shots for editing and the final result is worth the additional investment of time, efforts and resources.

With 8+ years of experience and expertise in producing corporate videos; we offer the best of services in India.

Our in-house team of a scriptwriter, director, video editor and camera-man are equipped with the most updated equipment and have the always focused on learning on and off the field.

We strive to excel in every project and complete the projects on/before time.

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