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Video Testimonials »

HD Video Testimonials

Looking for HD video testimonials for your company?

Welcome to Digital Studio!

One of the most powerful ways to convince someone to buy your products / services is by having the video testimonials of your existing clients, staff members etc.

Depending on the industrial in which are your serving or manufacturing; we can help in delivering complete turn-key services of capturing engaging testimonials!

A typical video testimonial project includes the following:

  • HD video shooting with one or more cameras.
  • Audio recording with lapel / boom microphone.
  • Professional grade soft lights
  • Editing on Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier CC.

Along with the above, we also offer translation and sub-titling services.

Translation is power manner to convey the message to wider audience.

In case of, testimonials of people who are more comfortable in speaking in their respective native language, translation and sub-titling allows the audience to understand the message clearly.

Testimonials in local language are an effect manner to communicate and connect with the audience.

This is especially true in projects where there is lot of emotional connect with the audience and the speaker is speaking about their personal experiences.

Wockhardt Hospitals Patients Testimonials »

We covered 18 patients and doctors for Wockhardt Hospitals at Rajkot; Gujarat.

Here are some examples of testimonials for varied clients that we have delivered in the recent past; at various locations.

Farmers Testimonials »

There are several other video testimonials that we can captures for varied clients like Jetking Infotrain Ltd. and testimonials of farmers in far flung rural areas of Latur (in Maharashtra) and Tonk (near Jaipur; Rajasthan).

We approach every testimonial project professionally and systematically.

First, the venue of shoot is decided and the schedule is fixed after speaking with the concerned people.

We ensure that there is minimum ambient noise at the shoot location, since it is not a professional audio recording studio, there are chances of outside noises be during the shoot.

Although, we can remove a continuous hiss / hum in the background; it is practically not possible to remove or edit out an occasional car honk or ringing of doorbell.

During the actual shoot, we ensure that all the mobile handsets are either switched off or in vibration only mode.

Such, critical precautions ensure that we are able to record crisp audio that it very much audible to the audience even on the WhatsApp or when they are watching the video on their mobiles on Youtube channel of our client.

We typically deploy, two cameras; both of them being full frame cameras like Canon 6D & Canon 5D Mark IV.

One of the cameras is mounted with a wide-angle lens; while the other is mounted with a lens of greater focal length.

The two-camera setup allows our video editor to create videos with variety of shots and the resulting video is interesting to the viewer.

Post processing phase of video testimonials »

After the audio-visual recording, the video editing commences on either Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier CC.

Both the platforms have high level of professional tools to allow our skilled and experienced video editor to create an engaging testimonial video.

A typical testimonial video editing includes:

  • Smooth transitions between shots.
  • Adding of text suppers to display the name & designation of the speaker.
  • Royalty free or purchased background score is added to spice up the video.
  • Addition of stock video clicks or b-role shots; make the final video engaging and interesting.
  • Opening and closing screens/animations are used to package the video as per the client’s requirements.
  • Client’s logo is generally inserted in the top left corner; so that the branding is displayed online.

Shooting / Making of Testimonial Videos »

Jetking - Students Testimonials »

Jetking - Faculty Members Testimonials »

Conclusion »

With over a decade's experience, we have done video testimonials shooting of several people in varied conditions and in various locations all over India.

Video testimonials remain the single most sought services by our clients and appreciated by the audience.

There is no better way to convince anyone; other than a video testimonial!

Feel free to contact us for the following videos »