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Motivational videos are one of the best methods to inspire and re-ignite the passion and commitments towards organisation.

Over a period of time, even the best of the employees feels ‘jaded’ and ‘worn out’.

Organisations need to instil the feeling of freshness and zeal in the employees in a periodic manner.

Companies tend to organise workshops, seminars, incentives programs etc.

The motivational videos are an ideal tool to inspire the employees when clubbed with incentive programs.

Advantages of Motivational & Inspirational videos:

  1. In a short duration of time the employees are exposed to high level of audio-visual sensory burst of high energy.
  2. Employees, workers and staff bond with each other is a more effective manner and works towards the common corporate goal.
  3. Employees start to discuss and re-think their game plans to get problems solved.
  4. Team work always results is a great products and services. Employees resolve to work together and create a world class working environment.
  5. Employees tend to set goals within a timeframe. This creates a benchmark for the other employees and creates a corporate culture that evolves into excellence.

Here is a motivational video that we produced for Nelco (formerly TataNet).

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Each motivational video produced is completely customised as per the thought process of the management, the message to be delivered and the target audience.

There are no templates that can be customised and ‘copy-pasted’ for the corporate motivational videos.

Here is our approach towards making a motivational film:

  • The company’s top management holds discussions with our script writer and concept director.
  • We brain storm the ideas, concepts and thought processes.
  • Our team proposes couple of concept notes and showcases the same to the company management or HR department head.
  • Once, the concept note is finalised, our script writer commences with the work of creating the script & screenplay.
  • Depending on the video / animations / graphics etc. the building blocks are all collected and the story boarding is done.
  • A presentation to the client is done and feedback collected.
  • Once, the screenplay and script are finalised, we proceed with the actual ‘production’.
  • There are several approaches towards the production; one of them is to actually shoot the videos and another avenue is to purchase stock video clips.
  • In either of the scenarios, the visuals always follow the audio.
  • The voice over (VO) recording is done at a professional sound recording studio; so that we have the best of audio with sound mixing etc.
  • In case there is a song recording to be done; we ensure that professional voices are recorded; as per the budget requirements of the project.
  • The video editing is done on Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier CC; so that the output is professional.
  • Special effects are created in Adobe After Effects CC and seamlessly integrated in the video editing stage.
  • The client reviews the draft version; provides feedback and we re-edit the project accordingly.
  • The final delivery of the video is done for various platforms: YouTube, WhatsApp and corporate presentations.

Conclusion »

Motivational videos are one of the ideal tools to inspire and motivate the staff members; so that there is a 'good feel' factor about the company at large and the individual in particular.

Happy and content employees are the hallmark of a progressive and growing organisation.

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