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Safety is never an accident - It is a deliberate act!

Safety is one of the most paramount factors in every industry.

This is especially true in the manufacturing and construction industries; where are more incidences of accidents and mishaps.

Similar to training videos, safety videos form an integrated content for the staff welfare and good corporate governance.

Just displaying of safety signages and poster around the company and manufacturing facility are not enough.

Staff, employees and workers need to be engaged in a repeated manner about the safety aspects and their importance in an around work places.

Here is a safety video that we produced for National Safety Council of India (A Government of India; undertaking organisation)

Fire Safety Video »

5 Advantages of Safety Video »

  1. Cost Saving: Safety videos in cult a strong sense of confidence in the staff and workers. Watching the safety videos repeatedly; ingrains the knowledge and makes the workers conscious of the safety aspect particular to that industry.
  2. Return on Investment: videos that educate the workers, staff and employees empower them with knowledge and confidence to handle any situation; if ever an untoward event occurs in the manufacturing facility / factory.
  3. Preparedness: The company employees, staff and workers are prepared to handle any accident that make occur. Safety videos educates them to handle any such situation and take preventive actions that may cause loss of life / property.
  4. Team Work: Safety videos engage the viewers and fosters team work. This results in better bonding and creates a mutually beneficial and healthy working environment.
  5. Saves in long term: A stich in time – saves nine! This age-old adage is most appropriate for the safety rules and regulations. Any sort of incident that may escalate into a catastrophe can be prevented by presence of mind and following the safety guidelines.

Conclusion »

Safety videos are absolutely necessity and never a waste of time, money and efforts. Remember: It is not IF an accident occurs… It is WHEN!

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