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Product Explainer Video »

These type of videos have a fixed message: Give the explanation of the product in the easiest to understand manner and language.

Along with the demonstrator demonstrating the various features of the product; background voice over (VO) may be added later to illustrate certain points and highlight the USPs of the product.

Along with audio description; text suppers are also displayed to further explain about the project features.

Visual Effects and macro video shooting can also enhance the effectiveness of the video.

Product Videos for Marketing »

These videos are one of the most popular videos that aid a company to sell the product.

Marketing video for products have the following advantages:

  • Clear & crisp communication
  • Professional presentation
  • Reach target audience
  • Leverage and showcase product features
  • Used by marketing personnel multiple times
  • High impact on viewers
  • Convince the viewers to buy the product

Animated Product Demo Videos »

Looking for a wacky manner to promote your product? Try, Animated video!

Animated products videos have the following advantages:

  • Control over budget
  • Choice of colour scheme as per the brand colours
  • Wide options in characters/placements and languages
  • Easy multi-language option
  • Fast and crisp video
  • Faster turn around time

The Concept & Ideation »

Just hard sell of a product never works! We help you in building a story around your product.

Here are some queries we raise during the concept level of the project:

  • What is unique about your product?
  • What are its USPs?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What language will be best suited for the target audience?
  • Who are your biggest competitors?
  • What budgets and resources can you allocate for the project?
  • Are you working on specific timelines?

Once we have understood your line of thinking; we brainstorm the idea and come up with a viable solution.

The Shoot »

Once the concept and storyline have been approved; we start working on the shooting script and details of the various aspects required for the shoot.

The following important aspects are finalised during the shooting phase:

  • Video Equipment: Single or multiple cameras
  • Demonstrators: Who will be making the promotion?
  • Audio Equipment: Multiple presenter / single person?
  • Location: indoors / outdoors
  • Special Effects (VFX) Required

Once the shoot is completed; we take on-site double backup: in two Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Our fees are highly competitive; yet we deliver world class results.

Recent Project »

Clinical Syringe »

Work From Home Cabinet »

Reclining Chairs »

Promotional Product Demonstration Video »

Direction: Pashminu Mansukhani
Image Editing: Pramod Pandey

Stent Unpacking »

Direction: Pashminu Mansukhani
Video Editing: Sanjay Ramachandran

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (English Voice Over) »

Script: Pashminu Mansukhani
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Vineet Mahajan

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (Hindi Voice Over) »

Translation: Arun Padake
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Amol Pathare

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (Marathi Voice Over) »

Translation: Arun Padake
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Amol Pathare

Behind The Scene (BTS) »

Photographer along with product and model
Model posting with product

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