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Product Explainer Video »

These type of videos have a fixed message: Give the explanation of the product in the easiest to understand manner and language.

Along with the demonstrator demonstrating the various features of the product; background voice over (VO) may be added later to illustrate certain points and highlight the USPs of the product.

Along with audio description; text suppers are also displayed to further explain about the project features.

Visual Effects and macro video shooting can also enhance the effectiveness of the video.

Product Videos for Marketing »

These videos are one of the most popular videos that aid a company to sell the product.

Marketing video for products have the following advantages:

  • Clear & crisp communication
  • Professional presentation
  • Reach target audience
  • Leverage and showcase product features
  • Used by marketing personnel multiple times
  • High impact on viewers
  • Convince the viewers to buy the product

Animated Product Demo Videos »

Looking for a wacky manner to promote your product? Try, Animated video!

Animated products videos have the following advantages:

  • Control over budget
  • Choice of colour scheme as per the brand colours
  • Wide options in characters/placements and languages
  • Easy multi-language option
  • Fast and crisp video
  • Faster turn around time

The Concept & Ideation »

Just hard sell of a product never works! We help you in building a story around your product.

Here are some queries we raise during the concept level of the project:

  • What is unique about your product?
  • What are its USPs?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What language will be best suited for the target audience?
  • Who are your biggest competitors?
  • What budgets and resources can you allocate for the project?
  • Are you working on specific timelines?

Once we have understood your line of thinking; we brainstorm the idea and come up with a viable solution.

The Shoot »

Once the concept and storyline have been approved; we start working on the shooting script and details of the various aspects required for the shoot.

The following important aspects are finalised during the shooting phase:

  • Video Equipment: Single or multiple cameras
  • Demonstrators: Who will be making the promotion?
  • Audio Equipment: Multiple presenter / single person?
  • Location: indoors / outdoors
  • Special Effects (VFX) Required

Once the shoot is completed; we take on-site double backup: in two Hard Disk Drives (HDD)

Our fees are highly competitive; yet we deliver world class results.

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Promotional Product Demonstration Video »

Direction: Pashminu Mansukhani
Image Editing: Pramod Pandey

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (English Voice Over) »

Script: Pashminu Mansukhani
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Vineet Mahajan

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (Hindi Voice Over) »

Translation: Arun Padake
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Amol Pathare

Mangoes Ripening With Ethylene (Marathi Voice Over) »

Translation: Arun Padake
Video Editing: Ravi Tuteja
Voice Over: Amol Pathare

Behind The Scene (BTS): Videos & Photographs »

Cameraman with model for the product demo video shoot
Model along with director/producer
Model for the product demo video shoot
Smiling and posing Model
The entire team with the client
Makeup artist working on model
Model posing with office chair
Model posing with photographer
Photographer along with product and model
Model posting with product

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