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Index EB-5 works with the most well respected economists, immigration attorneys, and regional centers in the U.S. Doing so maximizes your investment and ensures the successful completion of your EB-5 program.

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The Asia Director of Index EB5 wanted a 4K video of his talk introducing his company's services for the special EB5 US Visa.

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The EB-5 visa also known as immigrant investor visa progam was created by the US congress in 1990 which is adminitered by the United States citzenship & immigration services (USCIS).

Only 10,000 EB-5 visas are available worldwide each year for qualified immigrant investors.

This program in recent years have been immensely successful both for the US economy & foreign investors thereby creating a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

This EB-5 visa provides green card for the husband, wife & children upto the age of 21, to live, work & study legally in the United States of America.


  • Investment in new business
  • Investment of five hundred thousand US dollars
  • Creation of employment for atleast 10 full time US workers

Regional Centers:

A regional center is an economic entity, public or private, which is involved with the promotion of economic growth.

In order to be designated as a regional center an application is made to the United States citzenship & immigration services (USCIS).

The regional center focuses at developing projetcs in targetted employment areas (T.E.As) with the sole purpose of creating ten jobs for the US citizens

An immigrant investor can either loan funds or become an equity holder in a reigional center project, usually the repayment term of the investment is 5 years.

About us:

At Index EB-5 we look at multiple projects that are all geared towards job creation along with financial viability of the project which comes along with a economist report & successful track record of the developer.

The important thing to remember like any investment, it comes with its own risk and rewards.

The risks can be minimised by associating with an authentic project which has had a good track record of completion & return on investment through the years.

Index EB-5 gives you that platform for various projects for you to choose from & these projects have been selected after due diligence by our team of experts to maximize your returns & minimize your risks.

Come join us at Index EB-5 to know more or email me at info@indexeb5.com

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