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Company Profile Videos »

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Looking for World-class company profile video?

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We produce high impact HD company profile videos that wow our clients and delight the audience with professional cameras, lights etc.

Creating high-impact company profile videos is our forte and we specialise and strive to deliver videos that not only amaze our clients but also delights all the audiences.

With the nature of corporate business expanding and Indian companies reaching out to newer domestic markets and expand to the unchartered global frontiers, having a company profile video is not a luxury any more but more of a necessity!

Latest Profile Video »

Here are some examples of company profile videos; done in the recent past:

At Digital Studio, we focus on only one aspect: Delivering high impact fast paced video that conveys the message in an engaging and interesting manner in shortest possible duration.

With reducing attention spans; having a long company profile video results in audience moving away and/or not watching the video completely.

Duration of Company Profile Video »

Although, there are no general rules for the length (duration) of the corporate / company profile video; it makes logical sense to Keep It Short & Straight (KISS).

The sweet spot is anywhere between 90 to 180 seconds!

Longer duration videos can be pretty handy for staff training and new staff joining the company.

Conceptualisation of Company Profile Video »

There are several core elements that leads to success of a company profile video.

Here are some of them:

  • Duration less than 180 seconds
  • Fast paced music
  • Visual effects
  • Sound effects
  • Images and graphics
  • Logo animation

Voice Over Recording Studio »

Audio recording studio setup
Mic and recording setup in a studio

Types of Company Profile Videos »

There are several options; that can be explored for creating an high impact company profile video.

White Board Animation »

These are no-nonsense videos that are awesome for creating a company profile with line art drawings and explaining to the audience about the services and products offered by the company.

Animation »

With character animation, we can have the various highlight points showcased to the audience in a eye pleasing colourful scenes.

Stock Videos/Images Profile »

We create world class videos with purchased stock video footages and images.

For these type of videos, scripting is done followed by selection of the visuals.

Professional voice over (VO) recording is done at audio recording studio and the project is completed with the video editing.

Marketing of Company Profile Videos »

Here are some of the ways to market your company profile video:

  • Reach new domestic markets.
  • Explore global markets with online marketing.
  • Distribute videos on WhatsApp and YouTube channels.
  • Share the videos on Social Media platforms.
  • Showcase the company video at trade exhibitions and shows.
  • Create strong branding with the company profile video.
  • Share the videos with in your dealership network.

Opening Animation Screens »

Long Company Profile Video »

Company Profile Videos »

Conclusion »

Having a professionally made company profile video increases the recall value and name for your company.

This leads to more business and more connections with your target audience in long term.

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